ARK Patch Notes: Client v306.63 – Server: 306.63


ARK Patch Notes Current ARK Official Server Network Servers Version: v306.53

Current Version: v306.63

– Reduced high quality tier loot drop rate from missions by approximately 40%
– Changed ocean platforms to be Blueprints only in mission rewards (to prevent demolishing rewards for materials)
– Increased damage to insect swarms by Beelzebufo to 2.5x
– Increased damage to insect swarms by Fire to 1.5x
– Reduced health of insect swarms by 50%
– Reduced AoE damage on the tek cruise missle
– Reduced the explosion radius and explosion emitter size on the tek cruise missle
– Increased the range at which insects aggro from 90m to 150m
– Fixed issue where insect swarms could attack through walls
– Fixed an issue with Megachelon (turtle) taming method
– Restricted cryo use and disabled building in the VR boss arena
– Fixed an issue where rock slides would linger after ending
– Fixed several visual bugs with Magmasaur
– Fixed several visual bugs with Space Whale
– Fixed several bugs with the Ferox taming process
– You must now hold the sprint key with the Ferox when super jumping. In order to super jump, just jump again + shift right before landing after a regular jump.
– Bloodstalker can no longer be knocked out
– Ambergris weight now scales by 0.5 in Magmasaur to help with raising babies
– Adjusted the platform build area on the Megachelon
– Fixed a taming bug with the Bloodstalker
– Fixed a crash with Extinction’s horde crate and element node
– Restored Extinction Horde mode data
– Fixed some bugs which caused projectiles to not expire on clients

Quelle: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/388254-pc-patch-notes-client-v30663-server-30663/

Patch Notes übersicht: https://wearestars.de/forums/forum/gaming-forum/survival/ark-survival-evolved/ark-patch-notes/

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