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Hello to you amazing people (even the people who eat pineapples with pizza). New week, new patch, new awesomeness, new bugs, new frustrations, we all know how it goes here.

So lets get into it!

SCUM Patch Inventory

We did some changes on items, inventory and icons.

  • Changed item rotating / scrolling behavior, holding CTRL while scrolling will now enable rotation, and not holding it will scroll through the inventory,

  • Items can now be directly transferred from vehicles / chests to vehicles / chests

  • Double clicking clothes in vicinity will now equip the item (double clicking them in container view will still open the container)

  • Increased menu scrolling speed.

  • Chests which have a player given name will only show the name in containers view.

  • Items got from searching containers will now correctly show their durability

  • Selected items will now consistently have a red outline.

  • Added tooltip expand hint text to item tooltips

  • Reworked dragging item on the floor. Should be much more permissive.

  • Made it possible to examine and manipulate other prisoner’s inventory even when their hands aren’t tied. They do need to give consent by using the ‘surrender’ gesture.

We are having an icon rework going on, as there are a lot of items it will take some time to adjust them all, but for this patch we have adjusted all ranged and melee weapons.

  • Item icons are proportional (as much as possible) to each other and make more sense regarding the size.

  • Overall icons sizes have been increased so we avoid backpacks with 6 MP5 rifles.

  • New prettier icons.

One possible issue that you can encounter is when you open your inventory first time after this patch that you will see this:

No need for panic, this is intentional so that inventory doesn’t go haywire and losses all your items. Once you pull out the items that are overlapping and try to put them back in it will work like before.

SCUM Patch Lighting

We did 2 changes in the lightning section.

First we added a little ambient light to the player that will help you navigate in the pitch darkness of nights. This is how it looks.

Keep in mind, we didn’t increase any global light or anything in that area, its just a small radius bubble that has that blue light glow, and only the player can see it, other people can’t.

Light sources such as fires and car lights now cast shadows. This should reduce light leaks through solid structures. Additionally light intensity and range on those lights have been further adjusted.

Under options you can find it under “DistanceFieldShadows”

SCUM Patch Spawning System

Complete rework of puppet spawn system is in progress, in this patch you can experience the first iteration.

  • POI, large towns with police stations, military bunkers (outside/inside) have 100% chance to spawn puppets with a cooldown of 30min between spawns. This means that the first player to reach the POI will activate all the spawners, and once he moves away (ignores/kills all the puppets) the POI won’t spawn any puppets for the next 30min. This will come in handy since you will be able to tell that someone was at that specific location before you.

  • Refresh rate for indoor spawns has been nerfed, this means that you will no longer encounter endless hordes of puppets while looting bunkers or any other indoor areas.

  • Puppet spawn rates for SP are higher than MP because there is only 1 person on the server and he can take all 64 slots for AI spawns. This will result in more adrenaline filled and immersive experience.

    Possible issues regarding new puppet spawn system:

    Sometimes you will see puppets spawn in front of you when venturing outdoors , sometimes puppets will get stuck behind doors in underground bunkers, number of puppet spawned in some interiors is maybe too high.

    The issues mentioned shall be resolved as we continue polishing the new spawn system.

More options have been added on the admin and player scale.

  • Current #mute admin command renamed to #silence (functionality stays the same).

  • New #mute command mutes the desired player locally, preventing him to send messages only to you.
    • #mute *playername* or #mute *SteamID64*

    • Keep in mind if you mute a person through the SteamID64 that player won’t be able to send you messages on any server from any character.

  • New #mute command does not require admin status.

  • Similar changes made to #unmute and #listmutedplayers commands.
    • #unmute – removes the desired player from the local list of muted players, allowing their messages to once again be received

    • #listmutedplayers – lists all locally muted players by their SteamIDs

We added new private server settings for the new puppet spawning system.

  • // Modifier that is applied to the number of exterior puppets to spawn after spawn system decided that number

  • // Modifier that is applied to the number of interior puppets to spawn after spawn system decided that number

  • // Modifier that is applied to the number of wild puppets to spawn after spawn system decided that number

  • // Time that must pass to allow exterior puppets to spawn

  • // Time that must pass to allow interior puppets to spawn

  • // Time that must pass to allow wild puppets to spawn

  • // Determines the probability to spawn exterior puppet

  • // Determines the probability to spawn interior puppet

  • // Time that must pass after spawning to allow another spawning of exterior puppets in particular spawn location

  • // Time that must pass after spawning to allow another spawning of interior puppets in particular spawn location

SCUM Patch Qol Addition

  • Scrolling through the inventory while dragging an item will no longer rotate the item in certain cases.

  • Bows should always display their draw weight on their widget.

  • Wooden palisades now require nails to build. Window palisades require less logs to build.

  • Increased burning duration of oil torch. It lasts through the night now

  • All military puppets can drop now max random 1 clothing item.

  • You can now craft a wooden arrow with feathers from a normal wooden arrow.

  • Katana should now spawn in military areas.

SNOW SLEDGES ARE GONE, DEAD AND GONE. We removed them from the crafting list, and they will be wiped later on until we fix them for good.

  • Increased spawn rate of bow silencers.

  • Decreased the inventory size of tree branches and wooden plank bundles.

  • Shortened time required to fill water containers.

  • Increased frag grenade damage.

  • Disabled glow on drill press as it was inconsistent.

  • Reduced damage mines, pipe bombs and PROM mines deal to base elements.

  • Now when you walk through bushes the sound you make can be heard by other players as well.

  • Improved all particle and sound effects on vehicles.

Added “show additional info on item” option (default: on) which will show items’ durability, usage and weight numbers at all times

Added 2 new items, box of nails and box of bolts. Each contains 20 pieces.

Made it possible to examine and manipulate other prisoner’s inventory even when their hands aren’t tied. They do need to give consent by using the ‘surrender’ gesture.

  • Fixed sledge collisions with vehicle when dropped….BECAUSE THEY ARE GONE, FOREVER!!!

  • Fixed a bug where container inventory would be unusable on some aspect ratios.

  • Fixed a bug in single-player where vehicles could still do impact damage while stationary.

  • Potential fix for connection lost issues.

  • Fixed third person animations for SDASS.

  • Fixed EXP exploit with filling water.

  • Fixed the bug where grinding stones were too heavy.

Also if you already didn’t please partake in our small survey regarding your play style!

Quelle: https://steamcommunity.com/games/513710/announcements/detail/1715246257037254251

Weiteren Infos und Scum Patches im Forum: https://wearestars.de/forums/forum/gaming-forum/survival/scum/scum-patch-notes/

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